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Questions and Answers

ARRC receives many requests to respond to questions about autoimmune illness.

Many questions are of a general wellbeing and health nature.  We have put together a selection of the most frequently asked questions and our response to those questions.  We understand that this list may not meet your specific need therefore we would like to offer you the opportunity to contact us with your specific question.  Some questions and responses will be shared at a later date on our website without personal identification.  Items will be posted with Initials, age and sex.

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Life Stories

There is comfort found in knowing that you are not alone in living with Autoimmune illness.

To help with understanding the similarities and many different pathways taken in an Autoimmune journey ARRC would like to share some personal stories of illness and wellness.  ARRC invites you to share your story with us and others living with these illnesses.  Whether you are diagnosed with an autoimmune illness, a carer of someone diagnosed or a friend that has witnessed the wellness path taken, please consider sharing your experience.

Please send your inspirational story to

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The ARRC has a policy of Membership by open invitation as part of our legislative requirement as an Incorporated Association, and as a Not for Profit Charity.

A membership database register will be maintained by the public officer/ secretary of the association and will not be passed on to any third party.  A Membership database will be constructed for the sole purpose of contacting members in regards to plan ARRC events including awareness, fundraising, educational and research activities.

ARRC services and programs are opened to the general public on a needs basis, accession of services and programs is not limited to members only.

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