ARRC – Autoimmune Resource & Research Centre

Current Projects


Environmental Determinants of Lupus Flares

This projects aims to investigate illness flares in people living with lupus. Within the first phase of the project flare event frequency and flare characteristics will be investigated. The second study phase will investigate the relationship between illness flare events and lifestyle activity factors, as well as environmental factors present in the indoor home and work environment.

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ARRC has in the recent past completed a number of projects that explore the differences in nail and nail capillary appearance in people that experience autoimmune symptoms. The projects have involved the participation of both adult (INCA ) and paediatric patients (PINCA ) diagnosed with autoimmune illness and in some cases people that do not have any autoimmune illnesses. It is thought that nail capillary patterns can potentially enable a diagnosis of autoimmune illnesses such as Limited Systemic Sclerosis (LSSc) at an early stage in illness development, and allow appropriate treatment of identified persons to commence at an earlier stage than is currently possible.

The DIVIDEND  project was a collaborative project between ARRC and Kaleidoscope John Hunter Children’s Hospital and looked at differences in blood vessel appearances in nails and the eyes in people that have diabetes. Some vessel patterns can help in the diagnosis of early signs for worsening diabetes, and allow treatment to commence to help relieve the symptoms.

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Past Projects

Artmaking Visual Narrative and Wellbeing

The purpose of the research is to gather information 6on how making art, using visual narratives supports social and emotional well-being for people living with chronic autoimmune illnesses.

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Nutrition Needs Assessment

The ARRC Nutrition Needs Assessment explored the basic lifestyle habits that effect nutritional and general wellbeing of autoimmune patients.  This project provided us with a guide to what specific needs patients have in regards to nutrition and the management of autoimmune illness.

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Systemic Lupus Impaired Cognition Evaluation

This project aimed to investigate the way in which Lupus (i.e. systemic lupus erythematosus) can interfere with the ability to think clearly, thus creating problems with normal daily living.

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Stress Associated Pulmonary Hypertension in Rheumatoid Evaluation (SAPHIRE)

Explore the prevalence of pulmonary hypertension in individuals with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) using stress echocardiography as a screening tool.

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 Young Autoimmune Persons Education

A project to understand the needs of young people with autoimmune illness and to develop age appropriate educational and information resources for young people as well as for the wider community.

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