12% (natural silver thread) Mittens


12% Silver Raynaud’s Mittens: great product if you suffer with Raynauds, Sclerdactyly or Arthritis, this Silver Mitten has 95% (FIR) reflectivity and inner energy, maintaining warmth to your natural body temperature.  Four way light stretch for improved fit and comfort. Designed to provide optimum space if you have either swollen or disabled hands or fingers, seam free and very flexible. Silver direct to the skin has warmth retaining properties as identified in recent consumer trials.  Products are tested by NAMSA (USA), TOKAI University (Japan), OEKOTEX 100, TUV – Product Safety Group (Germany), Textile Institute Germany.

Sizing: Measure across the knuckles, including thumb.  Up to 9cm = S-M.  Up to 10cm = L-XL.

Sclerodactyly is a classic symptom of Scleroderma and is a severe form of skin tightening. The initial stages of the disease involves swelling of the fingers, later, as the connective tissue becomes fibrotic, skin on the fingers can become hard and shiny. Great product if your fingers are bent due to severe skin tightening. 12% Silver Mittens are fully machine washable.