ARRC – Autoimmune Resource & Research Centre

The ARRC Movement for Wellbeing project is born out of the need for people living with autoimmune illness having a need to remain mobile and active despite their symptoms and mobility constrictions.

The project in currently being undertaken and is focussed on developing a user friendly exercise flip card booklet with separate sections to exercise different parts of the body.

The exercises are all based on stretching and light movement and are able to be executed whilst standing, laying or sitting in bed, or with support devices such as chairs, walls, or walking frames.  The exercises are also designed to help with specific illness symptoms such as finger contractures and mouth tightening that some scleroderma patients experience.

The flip card units are in the development stages and will be available for general purchase shortly.

ARRC is looking for people to offer a morning of their time to be our flip card models.  The modelling session will take place in Newcastle.

All models will receive a free ARRC T-shirt produced for the event and a flip card booklet when they are available.

If you would like to help us develop this exciting new resource please contact ARRC on 49214095