The VISION of the ARRC is to provide a world-best-practice centre to support people who experience chronic autoimmune disease.

The MISSION of the ARRC is to improve the health & quality-of-life of individuals with autoimmune disease, through education, support, empowerment, advocacy and access to the latest screening, therapeutic, psychological and research-based strategies.

To FULFIL this mission, the ARRC will:

  • Invest in and provide education & support to patients and family-members of people with autoimmune disease, both through one-on-one and group sessions
  • Raise public awareness of this often-overlooked set of chronic medical conditions through advocacy, public meetings, and media presence
  • Provide access to the latest screening and therapeutic interventions
  • Undertake all of its practice according to principles of evidence-based medicine and health outcomes analysis
  • Offer psychological and supportive review, given the tendency of psychosocial stress to flare autoimmune conditions
  • Empower patients through access to the latest information on medical understanding of autoimmunity
  • Provide prompt access to the latest research opportunities and update membership of progress in disease understanding

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