ARRC Membership is by open invitation. Membership is currently drawn from the following:

  1. Persons accessing services of ARRC
  2. Current and past members of Scleroderma Lupus Support Society Inc.
  3. Persons attending ARRC seminars and workshops
  4. Persons obtaining resource materials through ARRC and
  5. Open invitation on the ARRC website

Please note: ARRC services and programs are opened to the general public on a needs basis, accession of services and programs is not limited to members only.

A membership database register will be maintained by the public officer/ secretary of the association and will not be passed on to any third party.

A Membership database will be constructed for the sole purpose of contacting members in regards to plan ARRC events including awareness, fundraising, educational and research activities.

The database register of members will only be used for the purpose of contact or sending material to the person regarding:
         a.    ARRC newsletters
         b.    A notice in respect of a meeting or other event relating to the
                association or other material   relating to the association, or
         c.    Any other purpose necessary to comply with requirements of the
                Act or Regulation.

Membership entrance and annual subscription fees 

No set ARRC general membership entrance fee or annual subscription applies, membership fees are by non-mandatory donation. However, cost recovery may be applied on a per participant basis for workshops, seminars and services.

To apply for membership please complete the form below

Membership_Form_0714 of Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre

Please consider making a donation to ARRC, to find out how please go to our Shop or donate page

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